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Jul 17

Be one of the first people to try out Vamos on the web. Now available on any device. Beta (dot) getvamos (dot) com #toa14 #vamostoa #samsung #berlin #berlinevents

Be one of the first people to try out Vamos on the web. Now available on any device. Beta (dot) getvamos (dot) com #toa14 #vamostoa #samsung #berlin #berlinevents

Jul 16

#TOA14 essentials #VamosTOA

#TOA14 essentials #VamosTOA

Jun 13

@rayban has a great event going on in #berlin #rayban #orderofneverhide #foundonvamos

@rayban has a great event going on in #berlin #rayban #orderofneverhide #foundonvamos

Apr 29

What are you doing for May Day?

Thursday is a free day, so all day and night people will be flooding the streets of Berlin. Here are a few different options to help you find the right blend of events to make your holiday special.

SPREEWALDPLATZ OPEN-AIR 2014, Spreewaldplatz , take advantage of this free open-air party that goes from 12pm until 3am. The event is free booming both German and Swedish DJ’s like I/Y, David Winkler, and Isaiah Pellarp playing some smashing techno sounds.

LUZIA MAY FIRST 2014, Oranienstraße 34, This should be an outstanding event right in the heart of Kreuzberg. Its a free events with artists from Britian, Finland, and Germany;such as Landomusic, DJ Paypal, Hrdvsion.

ERSTER MAI // FIRST OF MAY at Club  der Visonaere , Am Flutgraben 1 , This is a great place for those that are trying to get away from the crowds of open-air parties. Giving you a place to relax, enjoy a beer and some fresh air along the water.

1. Mai Locke Müller Open Air , Spreewaldplatz, Locke Müller gives you the bass with the one function that Love & the beer that you need on May 1. Artist are like Spencer Parker, Ben Rau, and Peter Bounce will produce grand jams that echo into the Spree forest.

LICHTPARK OPENING 2014, Michaelkirchstr. 22, Officially opening the doors for the 2014 season and indeed a whole weekend! This event starts each day by 2pm and then goes into the evening hours. Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday! Tons of artist will be in and out all weekend including Empro, Thomas Lizzara, and Sebastian Kremer.

Hope you all have a great holiday and even better weekend. As always Vamos is there for you to guide you to the top events around the world. cheers Robert Novorolsky

The guys all out enjoying the weather in Berlin today. #berlin #sunsout

The guys all out enjoying the weather in Berlin today. #berlin #sunsout

Apr 25

Day : 1 Kings Weekend checkup


Day 1 : Kingsday weekend is here and the prep leading up to the weekend is almost as important as choosing the event to go to. First thing you need to make sure to do is to get a bike. As it is the easiest and quickest way of getting around it is by far the most important. I personally like to look as local as possible and always choose They have locations all over the city. You can always choose one of the many other places, but never pay more than 10$ a day.

I have made visiting the guys at Cut Throat Barber & Coffee, Warmoesstraat 155, a tradition on every visit to Amsterdam. The guys/gals in the shop are friendly and serve some of the best coffee the city has to offer. Naydisha cleaned me up with a fresh cut and a hot traditional shave. 


After walking out feeling like a new man, I took a cruise into the western half of the city and met up with a couple of friends at local pub Cafe Brandon, Keizersgracht 157. The atmosphere was amazing grabbing a beer inside and heading out to the sidewalk to socialize and make new friends.

The last prep needed is to make sure that all the beer and drinks for the next couple of days are purchased. With most stores selling out quickly the day before this task should be high on the priority list.  I’ll give you all an update on the Kingsnight activities later today.



Apr 23

A Kings Weekend in Amsterdam


Now that the Easter eggs are all found, it´s time for us to look ahead to the next Holiday, a personal favorite of mine, Kingsday. Kingsday which used to be Queensday is a unique day on which all of Amsterdam turns into one big outdoor party, celebrating the King´s birthday.  There is no doubt this year will be a uniquely festive one, with the best flea markets, shows and performances in every square, each with that special Dutch brand of good cheer. While the canals fill up with leisure boats full of partying people most locals are selling their goods to the public. One in five households in Holland participate in the flea market where you can find anything from shoes to a bathtub. Just walk around the city in Saturday morning to find great buys. But this is only a fraction of the fun available. If you are looking for more of the party atmosphere Amsterdam will provide it in spades. Here are a few things to look out for and as always check out Vamos for last minute inspiration.  Stay tuned into as well for daily updates.



Amsterdam Roest, Czaar Peterstraat 213, This indoor/outdoor venue supplies a unique atmosphere that cannot be found too many places. The lineup looks great Tale of Us , Terry Toner, East End Dubs, and Adriatique.  Adriatique is a must see live playing.


De Overkant, Gedempt Hamerkanaal 87, You have to take a ferry over to Amsterdam-Nord but wil be well worth the trip. Seeing the city from the water for free on your way to great music cannot be beat. Maceo Plex, Richy Ahmed,  Raaf, and Detroit Swindle lead the way of a very talented group for artist. 


Skinny Bridge, 1018 EK Amsterdam, This landmark is one of the most majestic on the Eastside so you will love to views and the atmosphere. Monkey Business is a great foundation with the proceeds from the bar going to the protection of endangered orangutans and the rain forests of Borneo and Sumatra. It is there rainforest with an alarming rate cut for among other palm oil plantations. Artist like Anton Kuertz , Daniel Zuur & Florian Wolff LIVE, as well as Wannabeastar will provide an eclectic variety for your pleasure.

A few others Kindsnight events to look at :







Kingsday Strand West, Stavangerweg 900, This is a great location right on the other side of Westerpark. The music and the people are amazing;  I would highly suggest you to attend this year with artists like DVS1, Bob Nagel & Michael Jacques, and Boris Werner spinning into the night.


CARTEL Kingsday Outdoor, Frederik Hendrikplantsoen, this is a popular meeting point as it is a free venue and centrally located on the westside of the city. A great place to start your afternoon or to spend your evening. Artist will start spinning around 11am and will go all day. Times Are Ruff , SHMLSS, and Daan Groeneve


Trouw, Wibautstraat 127, This place never disappoints and its Kingsday lineup  is packed and will surely be missed as this is the last year of Trauw being open. Motor City Drum Ensemble will hold down his new residency A Night with MCDE. No matter what you do you will have an amazing time and truly unique adventure.

 Some Other Kingsday ideas:





THIS IS KINGSDAY - AMSTERDAM from Soda Content on Vimeo.

Apr 11

Vamos Picks: Coachella


Coachella is here and as the music world sets its sights on the Small California City of Indio, I wanted to give you a small insiders guide on some acts you shouldnt miss. Obviously everyone knows all about the headliners; NAS, Pharrell Williams, Outkast, Beck to name a few that are at Coachella. I am here to save your ears from sitting around at Kid Cudi Live hating life. So here are some of those dont miss shows that will make your toes and dance moves really happy.

First on Friday there are some real easy ones not to mix the biggest two would be Nicolas Jaar and Dixon. This is no joking matter these two were on the top 20 must see artist of 2013 for good reason, their sets are amazing and will keep you grooving as the sunsets. Solomun is on that same stage and I think you know by now how I feel about him. Last one not to miss on this glorious Friday is MS MR, a real surprise when I was listening to a few live tracks just had a great feeling and I can only imagine with it would be like in to be dancing in the sun. This would be my great starter.

Saturday you will have to make a few hard choices but as long as you dont miss The Magician and Bombay Bicycle Club you are probably in a good place. I have to bash but Kid Cudi and MGMT are artist you can miss live. Here is my small gem if you can get there earlier in the day check out Ricoshei, they are a real fun group to see live.

Sunday has a few of the big guys that show a wide range of fun but Beck is always a good choice and Disclosure will be unreal on the outdoor-stage. Little Dragon and Art Department fill in a whole mid evening as Classixx will probably point you in the right direction.

We will be back with a couple blog post in the mid week from some Coachella goers. Check out our Coachella Playlist  for more musical inspiration for this weekends artist. Try to get yourself into one of the VIP parties like Neon Carnival or H&M Loves Music if can. They are a nice get away from the main park. Uber will have a pickup & Drop-off point in a LOT 1C near the corner of 49th and Monroe to help you get to and from the venue. Hope you have a great weekend full of wonderful people and memories. By- Robert Novorolsky



Here is one of our former interns Cynthia Lind rocking the New Black Vamos T-shirt. Stay tuned to see how you can get yours.

Here is one of our former interns Cynthia Lind rocking the New Black Vamos T-shirt. Stay tuned to see how you can get yours.

Apr 07

The guys @prentisi @luisalegria walking out of @schnaydermans event

The guys @prentisi @luisalegria walking out of @schnaydermans event

Apr 04

Greetings from #stockholm

Greetings from #stockholm

Apr 02

Stockholm Bound


Here at Vamos we have been working happily over the past month with two groups from the Swedish-based Hyper Island School. Students from Karlskrona and Stockholm each received different briefs to help tackle upcoming challenges for Vamos & Friends.  We are ecstatic about helping these future lords of business, giving them guidance, and allowing their creativity run free. I will be flying up to Sweden to meet with the group from Stockholm in person as they present the final client pitch.

I cannot tell you how excited I am about heading to this beautiful city. Obviously, the first thing I did was check out Vamos to see what type of events I could fit into my already tight schedule.  I think I found some really good ones that fit my love of style and adventure.

Thursday is all about the style with Stylein´s showroom/shop Spring Opening show from 16:00 to 19:00 this Thursday, HÖKENS GATA 5. Johanna N & Marc UÅ vernissage @ WOS Accessoarer, Hornsgatan 98, jumped out at me due to my love of sunglasses and interacting with people.  The location seems to be unique and should be a nice walk through between 17:00 and 20:00.  I plan on Finishing off the night with a bit of dancing @PLEASANT to try and get a taste of the Swedish nightlife . The party starts at around 22:00 and with Laura Bacaj and Klara Nov KLARA NOV spinning into the night.

With Friday being packed with meetings, I can only afford one event in the evening, and I think I got the right one picked out Gallery 2.35:1 presenting Robag Wruhme & Axel Boman @Berns starting at 23:00. This event is sure to have a great atmosphere to finish off the trip.

My bags are packed I am ready to go…… Stockholm here I come.

Stylin event :

WOS Accessoarer event :


Gallery 2.35:1 :

By Robert Novorolsky

Mar 28

Popup Street Art Gallery & Closing Party


One of the most exciting street art galleries from London, The Graffiti Life Gallery, is hosting a popup show this week here in Berlin. The event, which is going on now, ends with a big celebration on Saturday the 29th of March. “The Graffiti Life” show plays host to a number of embryonic graffiti and street artists .

Set up by a collective of graffiti artists and creative people, the gallery aims to promote graffiti as a positive art form by supporting artists associated with graffiti culture.  The event which is being hosted by Hostel World and Visit Britain is a must see with a delightful secret that you can only be unlocked after registering, here.

With its limited showing you should make sure not to wait to attend. Make your way down to Torstrasse 95, 10119 Berlin. You can browse the show room daily from 12pm to 12am, or even pick up a print to brighten up your flat.

The Closing Event on the 29th of March, is sure to be one to remember. With the secret locked behind the curtain, complementary drinks and great people this party will go on through the night. Starting officially at 7pm, all you need is to register here to get on the list.

Bar open 7pm to 12pm Daily

Entrance: free by need to register


by Robert Novorolsky

Mar 27

The secret lies within… #thegraffitilifegallery  (at The Graffiti Life Pop Up Gallery)

The secret lies within… #thegraffitilifegallery (at The Graffiti Life Pop Up Gallery)